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Welcome to Scady


Welcome to the world SCADY online. A world where you will find the latest in footwear for today's woman. Shoes for the younger and active. Boots trendsetting women. Sandals for all occasions and casual shoes for the special moments. 


SCADY offers you a host of models to suit all your needs and styles. We know that shoes are never enough so Scady is what you like

The Brand SCADY knows that fashion is a great help for women to exercise their freedom and independence. Therefore, their shoes are thought to generate participation and contact with them is a complete experience. 

Increasingly, modern and offers impeccable quality products made with passion, mixing technology and crafted to provide exclusivity and sophistication. 


The textures, colors, customization and attention to detail are some of the features of SCADY, always connected to the latest trends in surprise and exceed the expectations of the modern woman.


Coming soon...





One of the most important events where SCADY INTERNATIONAL LLC, will be presenting all of our beautiful products for all our women and girls worldwide, and that there is always a reason SCADY. ! I hope!


SCADY INTERNATIONAL LLC preparing for the show in Las Vegas, we wait from February 17 to 20, 2014










Absolutely fantastic event for the World's Fair de WSA@MAGIC, fashionable footwear in 2014, LAS VEGAS, where SCADY INTERNATIONAL LLC, show your beautiful beautiful Summer 2014 collection for women and girls, because there is always a reason SCADY.








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